INCPA | International Network of Cleaning Product Associations
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The International Networking of Cleaning Product Associations (INCPA) is a platform for the exchange of information amongst cleaning product industry associations of the different regions of the world to foster collaboration and, when deemed appropriate, conduct external advocacy and communications. INCPA member organizations serve economies totaling over 2.7 billion people, with the market value of their member companies’ products totaling over $250 billion (USD).

Cleaning products are essential to society. INCPA members are committed to developing, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing innovative, sustainable and effective products that are safe for consumers and the environment. The Network’s members are committed to the development of products that improve the quality of life through hygiene and cleanliness, can be used safely and without unreasonable risk to the environment, and fulfill the principles of sustainability, as well as meeting or exceeding legal requirements.

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