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INCPA serves to support the sustainability of the detergent, cleaning and maintenance products industry around the globe so that its products and activities contribute to an improved quality of life. It supports processes fostering the:

  • Exchange of knowledge and sharing of best practices
  • Promotion of sound chemical management principles and practices
  • Presentation of a united cleaning product industry view to key international organizations
28-31 October 2018 Fabric and Home Care World Conference
Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Objectives Positions

INCPA has a central role in the exchange of information within the global industry, and in the development of position statements on matters of international policy.

The objectives of INCPA are to:
  • Help industry to realize its business potential globally.
  • Showcase and promote best practices of member associations’ initiatives.
  • Raise awareness of the beneficial and adverse impacts of cross-regional regulatory and public issues.
  • Develop, where appropriate, joint statements or position papers on global issues and develop, if necessary, related advocacy strategies.
  • Strive, where appropriate, for compatibility of the various regulatory frameworks for the detergent and maintenance products industry.
  • Foster the environment for global trade in quality cleaning products including, where appropriate, encouraging a reduction in technical barriers to trade.
  • Facilitate member associations to take prompt actions to address concerns/ issues related to cleaning and maintenance products and or their materials.


Principles for Chemicals Management Policies
Global Implementation of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals